Hey there!

I'm Hanna - wife to my best friend, Zach; mama bear to our two-year-old, Forest and our baby girl (due in September), Fern! I'm a knitter, a hiker, a DIY-er, crunchy hippie mama; lover of breakfast and baking, passionate about wellness and living as naturally and simply as possible!

Our journey with Young Living started almost two years ago, when Forest was just about eight months old and was having a really hard time sleeping. I had tried everything and was at my wit's end, willing to try ANYTHING, and so I gave essential oils a try. We fell in love with em, saved for a few months for a Premium Starter Kit, and have been using them every day since! 

Let me first say, I was the biggest skeptic - I had no faith that these things would work, let alone become part of my family's daily routine! But now, we use oils for big emotions, sleep, immune support, cleaning, and personal care, among many other things! aaaand we also use oils because they smell good!

I am so passionate about community and about clean + natural + non-toxic living and about supporting wellness in every way! I would love to chat with you about essential oils and the way our community supports each other in our wellness journeys! 


[You can also find me on our family blog or on my personal Instagram!]