If you are ready to invest in the health of and your family, and start this clean living journey for yourself, I would LOVE to help you join our community!


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This whole process of switching out toxic products and integrating good clean natural products + essential oils into your everyday life can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But you won't be alone in this journey!! It is one of my biggest passions to help people get started with this lifestyle and I would absolutely love to get you in our amazing community and be able to offer you support + encouragement as you begin!



The Premium Starter Kit (Everyday Oils collection) is, in my opinion, the best way to get started with essential oils!! It comes with 11 of the most versatile + popular essential oils, a diffuser, roller tops, some samples, and other resources! It is by far the very best bang for your buck, especially considering the value of the oils you're getting!! I highly recommend starting with this one if you're looking to start using essential oils in you're everyday life! Go here to join our community + enroll as a wholesale member with your Premium Starter Kit!


LAVENDER // soothes dry skin, calms the mind, supports healthy sleep, relieves head tension 

LEMON // brightens skin, jump-starts metabolism, supports liver + gallbladder, gets rid of sticky residue + sharpie marks!! .

FRANKINCENSE // supports entire body wellness, emotionally grounding, supports healthy glowing skin, promotes a calm mind + healthy sleep

DIGIZE // aids in healthy digestion, supports the tummy

PANAWAY // soothes tired + sore muscles

COPAIBA //  soothes skin, supports entire body system, soothes gums for teething babies 

RC // supports respiratory system, aides in soothing congestion, can help ya breathe more clearly during a workout!

PEPPERMINT // soothes an upset stomach, relieves head tension, freshens breath, curbs hunger, repels spiders + ants 

PURIFICATION // eliminates odors, soothes bug bites, supports clear complexion 

THIEVES // amazing immune support, kills germs, perfect for cleaning!

STRESS AWAY // smells like a tropical paradise, does exactly what the name suggests!



If you want to get started on your non-toxic journey, learn alllll about how to add essential oils to your daily life, and be added to an amazing community of wonderful encouraging humans, start with this link! be sure to choose wholesale membership, choose your starter kit, and I will be contacting you soooon!