WHat are essential oils?



So, exactly what the heck is in these magical little bottles? And why are people so crazy about them?! Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be obtained from the roots, seeds, shrub, flowers, leaves and trees and bring health and healing to the body. The chemistry is extremely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.

Essential oils were mankind's first means of wellness and are actually mentioned all throughout Scripture and historical documents! Oils are very complex and very powerful- which is why they are able to reach every part of the body on a cellular level. Within minutes of using or breathing an oil in, it's constituents can be found in every organ of your body! How crazy is that?!

The fragrance of these essential oils work with the limbic system in the brain where emotions and memories are stored, and because of that, can help relax and clear the mind as well as release emotional trauma. This emotional stuff is huge for overall wellness!

Young Living has oils that can support ALL the major body systems! 

  • Endocrine(hormones!)
  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular/Skeletal
  • Immune/Lymphatic
  • Nervous
  • Digestive
  • Respiratory
  • Excretory
  • Integumentary (hair & skin!)

However, essential oils are not medicine, they are not the cure-all. Simply put, they are natural substances that are meant to help your body do what it is made to do, rather than just mask symptoms. They are here to support your body + maintain wellness, NOT to heal all ailments and cure all diseases! 





Therapeutic grade Young Living EOs do the following:

+ Reach every cell in your body within 20 minutes when applied topically

+ Eliminate toxins in your body

+ Regenerate DNA

+ Have the capability of passing through the "blood-brain" barrier - work on emotions via the limbic system of your brain when inhaled

+ Release emotional trauma, relax and clear the mind

+ Act as powerful antioxidants

+ Cleanse and purify the air